My first "completed" VR game! Punch the lemon tree to get lemons! Climb the coconut tree and punch the coconuts to get cups! Throw lemonade at the fish because they're thirsty! Makes sense to me!


- Trigger to grab/hold onto objects and climb the coconut tree.

- Trackpad press to teleport on Vive/WMR. I'm unsure what the binding is for Oculus but I believe it should still be there. Let me know and I'll update.

Update: Now available in WebXR!

New controls:

- Right trigger to teleport

- Grip to grab and climb

- Left thumbstick to smooth locomote (If stuck, pull right trigger while pointing away from ground. Couldn't quite squash this bug, hopefully soon though!)



Lemon Atoll.rar 33 MB

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